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Autism and Neurodiversity (ND) in the Mainstream Setting (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation
Training and Learning Centre, The Portsmouth Academy, St Mary's Road
Course Tutors
Lisa Caine
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SPAR Business Support (
Target Audience
Headteacher / Primary Schools Teaching staff / Secondary Schools Teaching staff / Special Schools Teaching Staff
target audience
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All Schools / Primary Schools / Secondary Schools
Course description

  • What is Autism?  Understanding the presentation of ASD and how to adapt and approach learning within the mainstream context.

  • Understanding and providing for Sensory needs within the mainstream context.

  • Unpicking the function of behaviour with practical tips to support.

  • Summary input of the use of visual structure, communication and interaction techniques.

  • Specialised Question and Answer opportunities.

This course is a general overview of each area indicated above.  More in depth support in each area is available within the wider SEND Central Offer.


Course Instructor:  Faye Watton-Lawrence

Training objectives

  • To develop a general understanding of what Autism/ND is 

  • To explore frequently occurring traits of people with Autism/ND and how these may impact them.

  • To identify appropriate strategies for supporting people with Autism/ND in the mainstream context.

Learning outcomes

  • To establish an increased understanding of Autism/ND and how this impacts pupils.

  • To feel more confident in planning for and supporting pupils with Autism within mainstream contexts.

Additional Information

Please note:  It is compulsory for Delegates to attend all 4 sessions. 22nd April, 13th May, 3rd June and 17th June 2020

Please be aware that by making this booking and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are confirming you have your managers authorisation to attend this training and are aware of the cancellation/non-attendance charges that apply.

Start Date
Wednesday 22 April 2020
End Date
Wednesday 17 June 2020
Closing Date
Tuesday 21 April 2020
15:45 - 17:15
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