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Developmental Trauma and PACE (Primary and Secondary schools)

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Lisa Caine
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Primary Schools Non-teaching staff / Primary Schools Teaching staff / Secondary Schools Non-teaching staff / Secondary Schools Teaching staff / Special Schools Non-teaching Staff / Special Schools Teaching Staff
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Workshop, Course
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Primary Schools / SEN / Secondary Schools
Course description

Understanding the importance of attachment and relationships on brain development and the nervous system
Developing and using the PACE approach to connect with children, de-escalate situations, build relationships and solve problems.

The sessions will be lead by Chris Webb. 


Online course delivered using Microsoft TEAMs over two 1 hour sessions. The second session is 07/06/2021.

A virtual link will be sent prior to the sessions. 



Training objectives

Learn about how the brain develops in response to secure attachment, and the difficulties that arise as a result of insecure attachments
Learn about the need to regulate children who are distressed and stressed (before attempting to engage in restorative work): Regulate, relate, reason, repair
Know about the PACE approach.

Learning outcomes

Candidates will be better able to :

• Understand challenging behaviour: what it means, how it makes us feel – and how to understand it
• Build relationships to effectively reduce stress, restore regulation and build connections with pupils (the PACE approach: Playfulness. Acceptance. Curiosity. Empathy)
• Understand how to better resolve conflict and solving problems: growing the capacity for resilience, responsibility-taking, and solution seeking, in children and young people.

Additional Information


Please note: It is compulsory for Delegates to attend both sessions, 24th May 2021 and 7th June 2021

Start Date
Monday 24 May 2021
End Date
Monday 7 June 2021
Closing Date
Friday 21 May 2021
15:45 - 16:45
Maximum Places
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